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Early voting began last Monday (3-Sep-16)

Early voting for the NSW Local Council elections began Monday, 29 August, for those people who can’t vote on Election Day, Saturday, 10 September 2016.

“There is no internet voting for NSW local council elections and you can only vote at the polling places allocated to your council area or ward. So if you can’t vote on 10 September it is important that you plan to vote beforehand,’ said NSW Electoral Commissioner, John Schmidt.

There are 127 pre-poll voting centres across the 76* council areas being managed by the NSW Electoral Commission.

A full list of pre-poll venues for each council with accessibility information is available from the website or by calling us.

Don’t miss the post NSW Electoral Commissioner, John Schmidt, reminds people who wish to vote by post to apply without delay. “Anyone who wants to apply for a postal vote should do so soon.

While applications close at 5pm on Monday, 5 September, people in remote locations with limited mail services need to act quickly in order to receive and return their ballot papers in time.’ Over 56,000 postal vote applications have been received and processed.

Everyone who has requested a postal vote should receive their postal vote pack in the next few days.

For more information, and to apply for a postal vote, visit the website or call us.  Information: or call 1300 135 736

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