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Driving Yourself to Discovery

Using Bingara as a base there are many delightful half and full day drives which will take you into the hills, valleys and beyond. Whether your interest lies in Geographical Wonders unique to this area, or Historical steps back in time, or whether you simply want a relaxing day out, we have it right here on our doorstep.

The Bingara Tourist Office has extensive information on where you might travel within your time frame, based around your areas of interest.  Bingara has it all.  Tell us what you want and we'll tell you where to find it!

A trip to Upper Bingara is a must.  Who would believe a thriving town once stood there? Opposite is the fenced remains of the chinese graveyard.
The mighty Copeton Dam is just a short drive out of town on the Keera road, avout 40km.  Be sure to stop off at the Batterham Lookout just outside town past the hospital on the way.

The Bingara District is a fossickers paradise.  Whichever way you take out of town you will find a spot to fossick.
The Bingara Tourist Office has an excellent brochure detailing the Geological Drives which are part of the Fossickers Way.

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