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Dare to Dream

A vision is sometimes associated with something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy. However, in this case its definition is “To Dream”. 
We cannot know or predict the future with any certainty, but we can work towards creating the future that we "want”.

In 2005 the community of Bingara & District started on a journey – to create a Vision for Bingara in the future – in the year 2020. This journey involved the whole community and the ideas that form the Vision were generated entirely from within the community.

The Community has chosen to become recognised as a national leader in Regenerative living. Regeneration is a way of life and is fundamental to all our decisions.

We do not just sustain our resource base – we continue to improve and to grow. Our people are healthier, happier and better educated, our environment is pristine, our buildings and community infrastructure are well designed and energy and water efficient, our agriculture has healthy soils and “treads lightly on the land”.

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