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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a community focus and action group.

It is a little bit like a Chamber of Commerce. A little bit like a Progress Association. A little bit like a lobby group and a little bit like a think tank. 

Its simple theme is REGENERATION – taking the best of the past and blending it with the best of the new.

It has broad interests – Agriculture, Commerce, Tourism, Education, Health, and Environment.

It aims high, but keeps its feet on the ground and views all things with 20/20 vision.

….and anyone can be a member.

It is open to thinkers, doers, helpers, supporters, even critics, and it is set on achieving the best possible results in every project it undertakes. It is intent on giving assistance and guidance, encouraging Bingara and District to survive and thrive as it progresses towards the year 2020.


Our VISION for Bingara and District for the year 2020 has been created by the whole community. It seeks to inspire and embrace everybody.

Our VISION seeks to build on the strengths of the town and district in 2005, and to preserve and enhance those things our community values.

Our VISION is built around the theme of ‘REGENERATION’. It details the future of each major asset – our people, our infrastructure and our environment.

aims to take Bingara and District residents on a journey into the future. 

To share this journey, we have taken a ride to the Bingara of our future – to the year 2020.

  Click the PDF icon to download the Bingara & District Community Vision Document. (32 page PDF, file size = 1.56mb)

Vision 2020
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