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A sense of Community

The Bingara Community is a community in the old fashioned sense of the word.  Like towns of old, people look out for each other, we speak to visitors in the street and we retain a strong sense of community pride.  You feel safe in Bingara.

The Gwydir Shire Council supports its community through services that allow the highest quality of life for all residents.

  The Council has an impressive range of services that encourages all to participate in the community through learning, volunteering, cultural and recreation activiites. 

A Community of Givers

Bingara's strength lies in its greatest asset, its people.  In a day and age when time has become life's most precious commodity, the amount of volunteer labour in Bingara is staggering.  Whether it's helping out with Meals on Wheels, collecting tickets at the Roxy or cooking meals at pony club, Bingara's volunteers just keep coming and coming. 

  The reward for volunteers, is feeling part of "something" and the reward for the town is a phenomenal sense of community and pride.

Check out the Business and Community Directory for a list of volunteer organisations, or go directly to the Services Directory.

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