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Bingara Preschool...
where early education through play is serious business.

Bingara Preschool has a strong sense of community and supports the need for early childhood education. It provides highly qualified staff, more than is required by National Quality Standards, to ensure that your child receives the attention they deserve to instil a lifelong love of learning.

Download Bingara Preschool's Philosophy.  (pdf file size: 88KB)

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Preschool hours
Tuesday - Friday *:   8.30am – 3pm
[* Thursday & Friday - Transition program for children preparing for school.]

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 8am – 4pm

Children: Maximum of 25 per day, aged 3 to 6 years
Fees: Range from $17 - $25


Bingara Preschool educators offer real life experiences, including: gardening, cooking, woodwork, music, art & drama.

Children learn as they play, so they enjoy it.

Preschool needs to be FUN!

Harvesting the pumpkins
Preschool is fun! The Bingara Preschool program is both spontaneous and intentional and whilst it reflects children’s voices, it also maintains a balance between freedom and structure. 

Everyone is welcome at Bingara Preschool and if necessary support will be sought and provided for children and families with additional needs.

Community Health Services conduct speech, hearing and vision testing.

Busy balancing the scales
 The sandpit is so much fun!

Bingara Preschool organises excursions outside preschool.

A range of special guests including African Dance and puppet shows visit preschool for incursions to broaden the cultural outlook in young children.

The preschool is fortunate to have an active fundraising committee.

Bingara Preschool has an open door policy for parents to participate in the preschool, as it recognises that an important component of quality early childhood education is a successful partnership between families and staff.  Finger painting is great.
Getting  your hands dirty in the garden - with gloves of course!

For further information contact Bingara Preschool:

Director: Janeane Pratt
98 Maitland St
Locked Bag 5
Bingara NSW 2404

Phone: (02) 6724 1105


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