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The orange trees lining Finch Street and circling the Gwydir oval are a unique feature of Bingara. The trees offer a different dimension to the attractiveness of the town, with the air heavy with the perfume of the flowers in the spring, and the beauty of ripening fruit throughout the autumn.  

However, it is the fact that they have become a symbol of community pride that has attracted international interest.

Planted as a living memorial to Bingara’s fallen in World Wars I and II, the trees and the annual harvesting of the fruit by the local school children (the orange police) happens on only one day of the year.

Joey Bilsborough and PoP

During the year, all Bingara residents leave the oranges untouched, even the children, who are taught the significance of the trees. 

This respect, self discipline and pride in this unique memorial has been carried on since the 1960’s, from one generation to the next.  In some cases, those picking the fruit are the third or fourth generation to do so.

In 1998 it was decided to hold an annual festival to emphasise the importance of Bingara’s Orange trees whilst celebrating Bingara’s cultural heritage, and so The Bingara Orange Festival was born.

The Orange Festival provides an entertaining week of festivities for the community, surrounding district and visitors.

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