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Bingara Toy Library

The Bingara Toy Library offers the community much more than the name suggests.  Not only is it a safe, fun, secure place for children to learn to mingle with others, it gives adults the opportunity to:

  • meet other local families
  • learn more about parenting
  • chat with others/staff about your tips and hints on how you manage parenting.

Naturally you can also borrow toys, so it is a great service for businesses and grandparents if they need to have toys while they hold an event or have the grandchildren home for the holidays.

A one off yearly fee of $20 allows you to become a non borrowing member of our library to enjoy the activities or use the parenting facilities or play with the toys within the safe surrounds of the toy library.  Alternatively if you wish to borrow toys from our extensive range the cost is:

  • $25 for a casual membership or
  • $50 for a full membership.
Gwydir Toy Library
Opening Hours  
10am - 1pm
10am - 1pm

10am - 1pm
  3pm - 5pm
10am - 1pm

You are invited to attend their free information sessions, go in and play, join them for a chat & a cuppa, use their parent room facilities or just pop in for a visit to view their great facilities.

Playgroup is run each Thursday during the school term from 10am til midday, with the Supported Playgroup Development Worker. 

Play is more than just fun for kids. It is how babies and children learn, and how they work out who they are and where they fit in the world.

Playing is one of the most important things you can do with your child. The time you spend playing together gives your child lots of different ways and times to learn.  [ Find out more... ]

Download "Why Play is Important."  >> (PDF File size: 320Kb)

Download "New Bingara Toy Library Flyer >> (PDF File size: 366Kb)

Please bring along a piece of fruit for the reintroduction of “fruit break” during our play session.

Remember the Toy Library is a NUT FREE ZONE!

Other activities scheduled throughout the month include:

Bubz Biz -Tuesday’s once a month.
This is an information session for parents and care givers of children 0-5. 
Meet other families, hear guest speakers chat about a topic of interest and let the children play. Debbie Armstrong, Child & Family Health Nurse from the Bingara MPS attends to weigh and measure your baby and answer any questions you may have. FREE...Morning tea is supplied.
Bingara Toy Library
Bingara Toy Library

Sing song
Staff, children and parents sing nursery rhymes and do action songs together sitting on the floor.

Mothers Circle
This is an interesting session where, once a month they discuss a topic with handouts which may be of interest to the families who attend.

Mondays each week is craft day. Depending on events or special occasions there are many activities done during the year.

Music - Usually held on a Friday.
Music can be as simple as looking in the instrument box and playing with what you get out or listening to songs on a disc or reading a book involving music.

Bingara Toy Library

Upcoming Activities

Bingara Toy Library

Bingara Playgroup

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Library Coordinator - Tania Brennan
  Library Assistant - Andy Rampling 

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